Our services:

Brand Definition.

Creating a strong and clear platform on which to base and build the brand is key. Understanding our clients, their customers, and searching for the insights that will facilitate the creative breakthrough or big idea helps us to define the brand proposition and personality, how we talk to and engage with customers through tone of voice, visual language and service style. This involves;


- Brief development

- Research and insights

- Brand positioning

- Name generation

Brand Communication.

Irrespective of the medium, the message should be clear and cohesive across all the brand touchpoints throughout the customer journey. A clear communication hierachy is needed to ensure clarity and consistancy across all levels of messaging. These include;


- Identity design

- Navigation

- Information

- POS and in-store communications

- Window and online campaigns

- Packaging

Brand Environments.

Whether online or on the high street, the brand environment experience must deliver the brand promise. Real or virtual, it is the facilitator of the interaction between people and products and must excite, inform and engage. Working seamlessly with the brand communication, the environment is the ultimate expression of your brand. To achieve this, we offer;


- Store planning

- Interior design

- Fixture design

- Visual merchandising

- Lighting design


With a shift towards 'apps' and mobile web and away from voice and face to face towards text and video, it is now a given that digital forms an integral part of any customer journey. Choosing the most effective digital strategy to seamlessly enhance the brand experience and creating content is key to this. We have partners who work with us to offer;


- Digital strategy

- Media direction

- Digital creative

- Web design

- Production

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